Yenisey was born in Habana Del Este, Cuba.
In 1996 At three years old her family immigrated to the United States, they lived on Calle Ocho Before it was all it has become today, “Little Havana” Where her dreams became to take root.
Her dreams became to manifest in the form of art sketches at an early age; She would spend a lot of her time
Alone sketching models in her clothing and sometimes Ladybugs, she would recall almost always being surrounded by Ladybugs while outside, she would sit with them and hold her hands out for them to crawl on; She never once thought to wonder what it could mean — as an adult she learned that Ladybugs characteristics are a lot similar to that of the values taught in her household.
In the Cuban Culture we are all taught to live, laugh, dance, sing, and treat one another like family (amar profundamente) blocks will come together and unite to celebrate life and love regardless of who they are; families will know one another for generations like blood.
I believe that we should all be motivating and encouraging one another.
Showing love to one another.
Uplifting one another.
Celebrating one another.
The world needs a gentle reminder that we are all imperfectly PERFECT!
You see, made by yen is our gentle reminder. I hope that through these beautiful pieces We can all find confidence, certainty, bravery and feel the love that radiates through Our designs — Ladybugs still find their way to her till this day, they fill her home, garden, and Sometimes vehicle! — Ladybugs Symbolize TRUE LOVE, ADAPTABILITY, PROTECTION, POWER, and FREEDOM
Because of this, we send out a gold ladybug with each Garment to remind you of everything you are and everything you can be. 
You are welcome here, the way you were made, as you are, beautifully YOU.